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Professor Dr. Stephan Kreutzer

Contact details
+49 30 314 29088
TEL 711a
Personal web page:
For further information follow this link to my homepage at Oxford


Stephan Kreutzer (2002). Partial Fixed-Point Logic on Infinite Structures. CSL, 337-351.

Stephan Kreutzer and Martin Otto and Nicole Schweikardt (2007). Boundedness of Monadic FO over Acyclic Structures. ICALP, 571-582.

Stephan Kreutzer (2009). Algorithmic Meta-Theorems. CoRR

Stephan Kreutzer and Martin Lange (2008). Non-regular fixed-point logics and games. Logic and Automata, 423-456.

(2008). Logic and Automata: History and Perspectives [in Honor of Wolfgang Thomas]. Logic and Automata. Amsterdam University Press.

Stephan Kreutzer and Anuj Dawar (2009). Parameterized Complexity of First-Order Logic. Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC), 131.

Stephan Kreutzer (2000). Fixed-Point Query Languages for Linear Constraint Databases. PODS, 116-125.

Anuj Dawar and Stephan Kreutzer (2009). Domination Problems in Nowhere-Dense Classes of Graphs. CoRR

Paul Hunter and Stephan Kreutzer (2007). Digraph measures: Kelly decompositions, games, and orderings. SODA, 637-644.

Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi and Stephan Kreutzer and Bojan Mohar (2010). Linkless and flat embeddings in 3-space and the unknot problem. Symposium on Computational Geometry, 97-106.

Stephan Kreutzer and Nicole Schweikardt (2004). Logik und Informatik. it - Information Technology, 162-166.

Stephan Kreutzer and Siamak Tazari (2010). Lower Bounds for the Complexity of Monadic Second-Order Logic. CoRR

Stephan Kreutzer and Sebastian Ordyniak (2009). Distance -Domination Games. WG, 308-319.



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